SID Venture Partners is the first unique Ukrainian high-technology venture capital firm established by IT experts for IT geeks, focusing on investments into early-stage technology startups to fund the future

Why SID Venture Partners?

11 Ukrainian IT Tech Executives as General Partners
4 Acting CEOs, 2 CTOs, 2 CBDOs and 1 CFO/Legal


We are industry agnostic, though we do prefer some spaces more than others: deeptech, b2b, blockchain, fintech, automotive


Strong opportunities for raising money and scaling business through worldwide network of 200+ service business customers in 10 countries

Personal full-cycle GP’s lead of each investment

Industry experts LP counsel to participate in decisions

Ability to get small tickets from Ukrainian IT Community to widen social awareness of startups

Who we are

10 Countries
1500 Employees
TOP tier Customers: Volvo, IKEA, Verizon, Scania
TOP 15 in IT Company in Ukraine
TOP 3 HR Brand In Ukraine

170+ Blockchain experts

1 successful exit of the Blockchain product company in 2021

Analytics and Machine learning without coding. $1.5M+ raised, the only UA startup in the Y Combinator W21 batch.

A novel cyber security solution
Billions of prevented threads daily
Best startup of 2019 in Baltimore

$6B valuation
New blockchain paradigm

Investment Team

3 teams of corporate executives from high-end tech companies empowered by outstanding entrepreneurs acting as advisors to scale and grow portfolio companies.

Dmitry Vartanian

Managing General Partner

Co-Founder at Sigma Software and Clean.io 17+ years CFO in IT, certified lawyer. Manages 14 companies in 9 jurisdictions.

Valery Krasovsky

General Partner

CEO and Co-Founder at Sigma Software — $300M+ IT-Service business, Co-Founder of Clean.io, Co-Head at EBA IT Committee, Co-Founder at Sigma Software Labs, Board Member at Ideasoft, KhNURE.

Andrey Lazorenko

General Partner

CEO and Co-Founder at Ideasoft, Board Member and Co-Founder at Global Ledger protocol. 2 exits of Service and Product companies during 2021. Ex-Agrieye, Ex-Concepter.

Anton Vaisburd

General Partner

CEO and Co-Founder Datrics, backed by YC.
Partner at blockchain and fintech company 4ire.
Co-founder of “Fizmatik” school, former IB at Barclays.
Built EMEA data science team at SoftServe.

Illia Polosukhin

General Partner

Co-founder of NEAR Protocol with $6B market cap — decentralized developer’s platform. Ex-researcher and engineering manager at Google Research.

Peter Kolomiets

General Partner

CBDO & Co-Founder at Ideasoft. CFO & Co-Founder at Global Ledger with 10+ years of experience in managing teams of 100+ people. Founder and Ex-CEO at Digital Marketing Agency “Marketers”. 2 exits of Service and Product companies during 2021. Former IDF officer who served in Israeli special forces.

Kirill Kirikov

General Partner

CTO and Co-Founder Datrics, backed by YC.
Partner&co-founder, ex-CTO at blockchain and fintech company 4ire.
Principal Architect with 13+ years in IT, released more than 100 apps.

Alexey Stoletny

General Partner

Managing Director at Sigma Software US, Co-Founder and CTO at Clean.io. MSc in Computer Science, Inventor on 4 issued U.S. Patents.

German Stogniiev

General Partner

CTO and Co-Founder at Ideasoft, Board Member and Co-Founder at Global Ledger protocol. Blockchain evangelist. 2 exits of Service and Product companies during 2021. Ex-Agrieye.

Veronica Korzh


Co-founder of WOD Insight — AI fitness platform for CrossFit and HIIT athletes, General partner at Sigma Software Labs. Sales executive and expert in the engineering teams management.

Vlad Beck

General Partner

Board Member and Co-founder at Sigma Software, Chairman of European Business Association IT Committee.

Volodymyr Chyrva

General Partner

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Sigma Software, Co-founder at Lviv Tech Angels.

Galyna Isakiv


LL.M. in European Law, Stockholm Univesity graduate, ex American Chamber of Commerce IT Committee Lead with 5+ years’ experience of advocating interests of 60+ local and international IT companies, incl. Google, Microsoft, DXC Technology, EPAM.

Daria Yaniieva

PR Lead

Experienced in promoting brands in the domestic and international markets with more than 25 successful cases in portfolio from Ukraine, Europe, Canada and the USA. Practicing university lecturer, PhD scientific degree candidate at KhNUE.

SID Fund I Investments

Perfect match of Art & Tech: platform that provides a comprehensive ecosystem for artists, collectors, and other art market professionals through an NFT+ marketplace, virtual exhibition technology as well as networking tools, and high-quality content.


Platform matching businesses with designers.
YC alumni. More than 600+ clients: Natural Capital Exchange, Reface, People.ai, Restream.


Online financial management tool for SMBs that provides users with access to business analytics requiring no financial background.  Startup Wise Guys alumni.


A mobile app that helps mindfulness teachers to record audio content 10x easier and make a living with direct subscriptions. No tech skills or preparation needed. Simple editing, built-in background music and noise reduction.


NEAR Protocol — programmable blockchain and developer platform, allowing developers and entrepreneurs to build decentralized applications, which are more secure and resilient than today’s web, and let users retain control of their data and value. Focused on usability, NEAR takes an innovative approach to scaling that is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and can support truly global



Elai.io — text-to-video platform for users to build customized AI videos with a presenter using only text. No need for expensive equipment and software. Partnering with Nvidia, Amazon, Thinkific, Microsoft



SPOKK — an online pets insurance service according to a simplified procedure.


orderly protocol

Orderly Protocol — permissionless, decentralized exchange protocol and modular ecosystem built on NEAR, providing competitive solutions in terms of trading speed, market-leading order execution and minimal fees than any current decentralized solution.


The Breakfast — social app at the intersection of networking, dating, mental health & entertainment that introduces two people to meet & talk in real time over the breakfast



The credit revolution! App that combines features of a neobank, e-money account and credit card with no paperwork, making user experience clear and convenient.